The 8th of May 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day – the day which signified the end of World War II and brought long awaited peace to our nation, as Victory in Europe was declared.

The many years of destruction and lives lost finally came to an end on that momentous day, and millions from around the world took to the streets to celebrate.

This year, celebrations will reignite for the peace so bravely won, as events planned up and down the UK will commemorate 75 years since the guns fell silent.

And to mark such an historic anniversary, a brand new set of seven 50p coins has been authorised for release on the Isle of Man by Her Majesty the Queen.

This remarkable new Victory 50p Set pays tribute to our nation’s soldiers, sailors and airmen as they began their journey home 75 years ago following the Allied victory which swept across Europe.

2020 Isle of Man Victory 50ps

Issued by the Isle of Man, each coin depicts a design and letter reflecting victory during this time, including:


The first coin features the letter V and depicts Churchill with his famous V for Victory stance. Excitingly, this is the first time Churchill has appeared on a 50p coin, although he has been honoured on no less then three UK crown coins.


The next coin features the letter I and shows citizens of the Isle of Man celebrating the end of WWII.


The letter C features on the third coin, which shows soldiers shaking hands in front of Trafalgar Square.


The next coin features the letter T and shows the HMS Dido Battleship returning home after the war.


This coin features the letter O and depicts Spitfires flying over St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.


The next coin features the letter R and represents the street party celebrations that took place when it was announced the war was over.


The final coin features the letter Y and depicts a moving scene showing a soldier returning home to his family.

Can I find these coins in my change?

Isle of Man 50ps are famously popular with collectors, especially as their mintage figures are so low, and these coins are no exception.

Initially 25,000 of each 50p will be entering circulation on the Isle of Man, so any British Isles collectors out there should keep their eyes out for these wonderful new coins.

Of course, British Isles coins do turn up in our UK change from time to time, despite the fact they are not legal tender in the UK, however I’m sure these coins will be quickly snapped up by Isle of Man collectors and so you’d have to be very lucky to come across one.

The best ways to own the Victory 50p Set

There are a number of ways to own the Victory 50p Set, which has been issued in Brilliant Uncirculated and Silver Proof quality.

The Brilliant Uncirculated coins are presented in a VE Day 75th Anniversary presentation pack – a must have for collectors of military commemoratives.

2020 Isle of Man Victory 50p Set in Brilliant Uncirculated quality

Just 2,020 Silver Proof Victory 50p Sets have been struck worldwide. The coins are struck to a Proof finish from .925 Silver with selective Gold Plating on each of the letters and come displayed in a luxury wooden case.

2020 Isle of Man Victory 50p Set in Silver Proof quality

What’s more, this is the only way you can own all seven of these poignant 50p coins in collector quality. Only the Churchill ‘V’ for Victory coin will be released individually.

Churchill V for Victory 50p coin

You can also secure the Churchill V for Victory 50p coin individually in Brilliant Uncirculated, Silver Proof or Gold Proof quality.

2020 Isle of Man V for Victory 50p in Gold Proof quality

With just 5,000 Churchill V for Victory Silver Proof 50p coins and only 250 of the Gold Proof coins, the strict edition limits really add to the collectability of these coins.

These 50ps really are a timeless tribute to the thousands of allied troops who fought tirelessly and sacrificed their lives to bring long awaited peace to our nation, and in this important anniversary year, they make for an incredibly poignant issue to commemorate 75 years since VE Day.

Secure your Victory 50p coins

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‘The greatest outburst of joy in the history of mankind’ was how Winston Churchill described it. After six long years, the War in Europe was finally over, and all hostilities were to cease after midnight on 8th May 1945, VE Day. Jubilant crowds sang and danced in the streets in celebration of the news.

The VE Day 60th Anniversary £2 features St Paul's Cathedral on the reverse

The VE Day 60th Anniversary £2 features St Paul’s Cathedral

It’s a day that will always be celebrated in Britain, and there’s already a coin in our change to commemorate VE Day, but it often goes overlooked.

The chances are you’ve seen this £2 coin in your change before. In fact, it is the most common commemorative £2 coin design with a mintage of over 10 million. It was issued in 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, but it is often mistaken as a tribute to St Paul’s Cathedral which features so prominently on the reverse.

But there is a story behind this striking choice of design.

The war brought sheer devastation to British cities, but while London burned during the Blitz bombings, St Paul’s Cathedral miraculously escaped destruction. As banks and offices were destroyed around it, the famous domed roof seemed, as described by the Times,  ‘to ride the sea of fire like a great ship’.

The image of St Paul’s Cathedral came to be a symbol of hope and inspiration to a nation torn apart by war.

“In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill”

The edge inscription of this coin meanwhile reads IN VICTORY: MAGNANIMITY. IN PEACE: GOODWILL which is an excerpt taken from the famous ‘moral’ which prefaces Churchill’s history of the Second World War.

The combination of powerful words from Britain’s great wartime leader and the iconic symbol of St Paul’s Cathedral make this coin a very fitting tribute for VE Day, and a fine example of the artistry which British coins are famous for.


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