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The A-Z of Great Britain 10p coins

26 new UK commemorative 10p coins are being released into circulation…TODAY! 

We get excited when 1 new coin is announced, so imagine the scenes at Change Checker HQ when The Royal Mint announced that they would be releasing 26 (yes 26!!) brand new commemorative 10p coins!

The coins will each feature a different letter from A-Z and each letter will celebrate a different Great British icon.

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CC 2018 A Z 10p Infographic FINAL - The A-Z of Great Britain 10p coins

Will we find the A-Z 10p coins in our change?

The circulating coins will be distributed through The Post Office network from the first week of March.  They will be distributing the coins through normal transactions so you’ll be able to find these coins in your change throughout the month.  It is unlikely that most Post Offices will be willing to simply swap a 10p coin.

The Royal Mint will also release additional coins in relevant locations across the UK throughout 2018.

How many coins are being made?

Initially, more than 2.6 million circulating 10p coins have been struck across the 26 designs and more coins will continue to be struck throughout the year to meet the demand from The Post Office, banks and cash centres.

How scarce are the A-Z 10p coins?

We expect these coins to be very collectible. Take a look at past history and you’ll see that over 75% of the 2012 Olympic 50p coins have now been taken out of circulation.

With more coins to be released, and some letters likely to be more popular than others, it’s impossible to determine an accurate scarcity for these coins at the moment.

We will release the first A-Z of Great Britain 10p Scarcity Index early April when we have collected vital information from our web app and Swap Centre.

Scarcity Index updates will continue to be released throughout the year to ensure you have access to the most accurate scarcity ratings for your 10p coins.

Who designed the A-Z 10p coins?

The coin designs were created by a whole team of people, including Royal Mint designers. Each design had to be approved by Her Majesty The Queen.

Can I collect and swap these coins online?

Yes.  You can find, collect and swap your coins online with the free Change Checker web app:

The Complete CERTIFIED Early Strike A-Z 10p Set

A Z Complete Early Strike 10p Set Main 300x208 - The A-Z of Great Britain 10p coins

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World Coin of the Year winners announced

At the recent World Money Fair held in Berlin, Germany, ‘The Coin of the Year’ (sponsored by World Coin News) winners were announced.

First held back in 1984, the awards are designed to, “…recognise the best of the coiner’s art and to encourage world mints to continue to challenge themselves in creating these great numismatic works.”

It’s safe to say that some of the winning coins are spectacular! I hope you enjoy looking through this range of amazing coin designs, don’t forget to let us know which is your favourite!

Best Circulating Coin

4 BestCirculating 600 - World Coin of the Year winners announced

China Banknote Printing and Minting, 10 Yuan, Bi-Metallic. “Year of the Monkey” (Image: Numismatic News)

Most Inspirational Coin

5 MostInspirational 600 - World Coin of the Year winners announced

Royal Canadian Mint, 20 Dollars, Silver. “Mother Earth”. (Image: Numismatic News)

Best Bi-Metallic Coin

7 BestBimetallic 600 - World Coin of the Year winners announced

Austrian Mint, 25 Euro, Bi-Metallic Niobium Silver. “Time”. (Image: Numismatic News)

Most Artistic Coin

9 MostArtistic 600 - World Coin of the Year winners announced

Bank of Latvia, 5 Euro, Silver. “National Entrepreneur”. (Image: Numismatic News)

Most Innovative Coin

10 MostInnovative 600 - World Coin of the Year winners announced

German Federal Ministry of Finance, 5 Euro, Copper-Nickel. “Planet Earth”. (Image: Numismatic News)

The Paddington Bear 50p – what we know so far…

The UK’s incredibly popular Beatrix Potter 50p coins are to be followed up by two new Paddington Bear 50 pence coins.

Paddington 1024x577 - The Paddington Bear 50p – what we know so far…

According to the Royal Proclamation, published on 9 February, there will be two new coins:


– Paddington Bear sitting on a suitcase in front of Paddington Station

– Paddington Bear waving a Union Flag outside Buckingham Palace


It’s expected the coins will enter circulation later this year with commemorative collector’s edition available in Brilliant Uncirculated, Silver and Gold being made available.

Of course fans of the movie Paddington 2, will remember a 50p coin playing an important part in his adventure.

Not the first time Paddington has appeared on a coin

In fact it’s not the first time that Paddington Bear has appeared; he featured on 1 crown (25p) coins from both Isle of Man and Gibraltar – now listed for as much £30 on eBay.

Paddington ebay 1024x893 - The Paddington Bear 50p – what we know so far…

The next Beatrix Potter collecting craze?

Although all the details have not been released yet and the actual designs are still top secret, it seems likely that the Paddington 50p coins will be as popular with the British public as Peter Rabbit and friends have proved over the last three years.



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